Construction Update September-October 2023
Nearing Occupation

The past month has been very productive across many construction and administration areas.

Chateau has three street fronts and the most noticeable transformations are across those external areas.

As the site fencing is being removed the landscape works are being revealed. Turf laying and footpath construction is making the perimeter look neat and homely.

We have had several inspections from council to ensure it meets their expectations and complies with applicable building standards with a focus on road, driveways and footpath upgrades.

Regarding Fire and Safety, further auditing is happening across the entire project.

The safety of the occupants is taken seriously therefore the installations and testing ensures everything is functioning correctly. All emergency systems have been through many rounds of testing to monitor how they effectively work together.

[Smoke sensors, Sprinklers, PA speaker system and Exit lighting].

The CCTV security systems and Letterboxes are being installed. Whilst that seems like minor works, it displays the strides being taken to have Chateau ready for occupation.

To find out more about the latest construction progress click on the video above.