Construction Update May 2023
Uncompromising Quality Control on All Details to Ensure Success.

The construction of Château is an incredibly complex process that required an experienced leadership team to deliver the desired results.

Having passed all major build and financial milestones this project has exceeded expectations due to knowledge and dedication of all stakeholders.

Bridgetsone Projects and Westbourne Constructions have specialised teams assigned to quality control and are actively working with all trades on a daily basis across every single property.

All the details are recorded and logged on an internal system that allows the audits to be totally transparent.

The tradespersons are also a major driving force behind the project’s success.

Their enthusiastic hard work has maintained the highest standards and we thank them for their level of care.

The façade details add a touch of elegance and beauty making it truly standout and give it striking street appeal.

We look forward to unveiling more of the Project in coming weeks to display the masterplan of what is set to be Castle Hill’s Newest Residential resort.