Construction Update March 2023
MOVE IN THIS SPRING….. Are we on track?

The scaffolding is being disassembled to reveal what is Chateau. Starting with the vision of a developer then a blend from masterminds to form what is the Residential Resort in Castle Hill.

Building a grand development is serious work and in these milestones there are many proud people involved in the project.

With a hint of interrogation we are asked “Are you truly running on time?” The simple and succinct answer is yes. The team at Westbourne Constructions are diligently always one step ahead.

Aiming for a settlement in Spring this year we hope it helps you dream of warm sunny days. Press level [9] for rooftop amenities.

The Westbourne culture of safety sets a high standard for comradery and efficient teamwork. See what Guillermo Benjamin the WHSE Advisor at Westbourne Constructions has to say about being on site for over 600 days.

Some key points of the latest progress:

– Scaffolding removal from level 4 and below
– External waterproofing
– External tiling
– External painting
– Window and door installation