Construction Update June 2023
Chateau is now at the phase of showcasing it’s uniqueness.

To design and construct a landmark project there is a true saying that “progress takes time”.

The skilled construction team are into the detailed works ensuring everything is correctly crafted.

Chateau is now at the phase of showcasing it’s uniqueness.

People are saying the building is ‘looking fantastic’ and they appreciate the complexity of a beautiful facade.

Delivering the promise of a luxury, residential resort from concept to construction is there for everyone to see and we encourage you to take a drive past.

Westbourne Constructions engineering teams are committed to all the elements of the build and maintain a high standard by collaborating with all trades and services. We thank them for their daily discipline.

Key updates

  • The crane removal is a significant milestone displaying that the day’s of lifting bulky materials and equipment are past.
  • The building is loaded with all the materials required to do the final trades finishes.
  • Scaffolding removal ongoing
  • Detailed façade elements being installed
  • Interior fit outs of flooring and cabinetry
  • Electrical installations of appliances and services
  • Block work and landscaping