Construction Update July-August 2023
We welcome the team of surveyors on site

We welcome the team of surveyors on site. Armed with tape measures and digital devices to audit every area.

A measured building and grounds survey ensures that the construction has followed the architects plans.

From bathrooms to living spaces, outdoor areas and everything in between, the purchasers have peace of mind knowing that their properties have been thoroughly measured.

Want to know the results stack up? Yes, we are happy to supply the information to purchasers once the task is completed.

QA and QC are not just fancy acronyms thrown around a board room. The consistent site walks and tiers of on site management guide the project to a high standard.

All products and workmanship is guaranteed to ensure our track record of high standard remains.

Jamie Talbot, Senior Project Manager is involved with all aspects of consultants, contractors and scheduling. With decades of experience, his knowledge of materials and procedures makes for a well-rounded governance of the final works.

By the way, the lobby on each building is really taking shape and will be a nice way to welcome you home every day.

Keep your eye out for the vegetable gardens….

Updates on site

  • Earthworks final trims
  • Landscaping
  • Concrete path’s and retaining walls
  • Fencing
  • Lobby works on each building
  • Rooftop amenities including bbq areas and open spaces
  • Zen Garden